• Image of handwarmer pattern with knitting lessons

Get an old fashioned education in knitting with a printable pattern & movie tutorial.

Perfect last minute gift - a downloadable pattern! You'll receive a link to a pdf. Print your pattern, learn to knit up a pair of elegantly cabled handwarmers, and gain the knowledge to knit just about anything you want.

With this pattern, you can knit your choice of lengths:
*short & sweet* handwarmer
*long & elegant* handwarmer

Get started knitting-in-the-round guided by the old school movie tutorials and a simple, beautifully designed, original pattern.

~Study the way your grandmother might have, looking over her grandmother's shoulder~

The fingerless glove pattern shows you everything you need to work at your own pace with appleturnover's fabulous movies. Learn the valuable old tradition of working in-the-round on double-pointed needles, simply, guided step-by-step. Set to 1920's music and filmed looking over my shoulder, with animated sections for great clarity, in the old school movies I show you all the techniques just like your grandmother would have taught you.

Watch a one-minute teaser, http://url.appleturnover.tv/peek and then have a look at the old schoolhouse online movie tutorials, to see exactly how you'll be studying.

~Make an original appleturnover design, a simple pleasure to knit and to wear~

The cabled handwarmers are such a great old-time character piece, modern classics, they're perfect for an elegant bit of extra warmth on cooler evenings out. What a pleasure, to wear your own beautifully handcrafted piece.

Learn how to:

~ comfortably knit a pattern in-the-round (seamlessly, in circles!) on double-pointed needles

~ increase stitches to make a thumb

~ roll up a ball of yarn from a skein

~ cable-stitch

~ begin and end, casting on and binding off using a stretchy method

~What you'll need for your knitting studies~

1. a skein of wool in your chosen colour
2. a set of double-pointed bamboo needles
3. a cable needle
4. a darning needle
5. stitch markers
6. safety pins
7. scissors

~Learn by making: the skills you'll need to do this project~

All you need in advance is to know how to comfortably knit and purl; if you're at ease stitching an even scarf you're ready to learn to knit in circles, seamlessly, following a cabling pattern. It really is easier than it looks, when you follow along with me, step-by-step.

When you purchase the pattern, you'll receive an email with a link to download a pdf. Print your beautiful little pattern, gather your materials, and settle in with a cup of tea to work comfortably along with the videos at home. Enjoy being shown how to work, listening to great old melodies, and watching the clear, beautiful animated movies online!

The appleturnover projects are excellent gifts for expanding and deepening a joyful education at any age. Make it to give, give it to make!