• Image of quilting triangles lessons pattern

Get an old fashioned education in patchwork quilting, guided by the old school movie tutorials, using this a simple, original pattern.

The triangles quilt pattern gives you everything you need to work at your own pace with appleturnover's movies. Learn the beloved old tradition of patchwork quilting, guided step-by-step. Set to 1920's music and filmed looking over my shoulder, with animated sections for great clarity, in the old schoolhouse movie tutorials I show you all the techniques just like your grandmother would have taught you. Watch the triangles tutorial free online at www.appleturnover.tv.

Learn the old-world skills you need to go on to make your own quilts in any style.

Learn how to:

~ neatly assemble patchwork in the classic "broken dishes" pattern

~ the trick to patchworking triangles

~ align and press your seams to lie smoothly and line up cleanly

~ organise and secure your layers before quilting

~ finish your work beautifully with binding

~The appleturnover pattern shows you how to prepare everything you need for your project~

1. quilting cottons
2. sashing
3. backing
4. batting
5. bias-binding

Your finished triangles pot holder quilt will measure approximately 10" x 10”, the perfect size for a good little lesson in the old methods.

All you need to know in advance is how to comfortably use a sewing machine; if you're at ease sewing a straight line and pinning pieces together, you're ready to learn to patchwork quilt, following a simple pattern. You'll need a simple sewing machine for this project, scissors, pins, and some white thread.

When you purchase the pattern, you'll receive an email with a link to download a pdf. Print your beautiful little pattern, gather your materials, and settle in with a cup of tea to work comfortably along with the videos at home. Enjoy being shown how to work, listening to great old melodies, and watching the clear, beautiful animated movies online!

The appleturnover patterns are excellent gifts for expanding and deepening a joyful education at any age.